{ My Faith }

$ 10.00

***Don't forget to purchase a lip brush along with a travel bag for storage. All lip gloss paints are custom made to order, the processing time is 3-5 business days.***

Name: My Faith. (MF)
Color: Nude Soft Light Pink.
Finish: Solid.
Net wt: 5ml.

Lip gloss paints by CBQ are formulated to provide smooth, hydrating look and feel great on your lips! Each lip gloss paint is rich, creamy, & the colors has full coverage. The expiration date for all of my lip glosses is 1 year from purchase date because of no parabens. Keeping them in a dry, dark, cool place may extend the shelf life.

Directions for use: Exfoliate lips before use. Contour with a lipliner the same color as lip gloss paint. Apply lip gloss paint directly on with the brush or with your finger. You can also blot it, and wear with no "gloss effect".

Tips and Tricks: A small amount of lip balm or primer can be applied 1st as a base to prevent lips from staining. Please be aware some lip gloss paints are high in pigmentation, which may stain lips. I recommend using oil-base makeup remover, baby oil, coconut oil, or rubbing alcohol as the last resort. Colors may vary depending on natural lip and skin pigmentation.

Any questions, please email me at chicagobrowqueen@yahoo.com before purchasing.

NOTE: Due to health and safety regulations and the sterile nature of the products, refunds and exchanges are not available and all sales are final.

Please note that, due to variations amongst computer monitors, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears on your screen.